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Now zombie survival games can be played in browser. Meet ""! This game is rapidly gaining popularity among the players who prefer "io" format. As minimum, this is driven by the fact that it’s the only "io" game where you can choose the server, and not just a part of the planet where the server locates, but a true in- game world created by people. In the beginning of the game you occasionally become either a zombie or a survival. In case with zombie everything is clear-you run, wreak the havoc and try to infect the survivals, but if you get a chance to become a noninfected human the game unfolds to the max. Co-operate with other survivals, hide in the houses latching the doors and windows, run across the map in hopes to escape, but as soon as you are caught by a zombie you have to run after survivals so that they suffer the same fate.


Use the mouse to choose the direction to move. Navigate across the map using WASD keys.