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No matter how much gamers love a certain franchise, they cannot keep playing it forever. At the very least, developers need to introduce some variation to keep things interesting. A playthrough of Kingdom of Ninja 6 online serves as a perfect example. Despite being very similar to its predecessors, this hardcore platformer has a few surprises. Take on the role of a wise warrior who overcomes obstacles without resorting to violence. Navigate the labyrinths of an ice castle, collect gems, and avoid harmful objects. Unlock the treasure at the end of the stage to proceed further into the storyline.

Refreshingly Cool

At its core, this title is almost identical to the previous installments. The movement is just as fluent and the controls just as responsive. However, the main character now wears a white outfit with a blue mask. This look corresponds to the overall icy theme of the surroundings. Together, these elements contribute to a fresh visual style. Fans of the series who frequent Kevin Games will appreciate this fun change of esthetics. As for the challenges awaiting the players, here are some threats to watch out for:

  • Stationary cannons that shoot projectiles at a specific pace
  • Bats flying in repeating patterns and looking for prey
  • Circular saws installed as traps to create additional problems and keep intruders out

In combination with tricky layouts, these dangers form dozens of unique trials. Each requires top-notch reflexes and impeccable timing to complete.

How to Play Kingdom of Ninja 6

As usual, finishing the entire level in one smooth run without dying is highly unlikely. Be patient, practice the necessary moves, and get the sequence down. Press the Arrow keys to go left and right. Hit Z to jump. Leap off and between walls by pressing it several times in a row. Collecting green gemstones along the way is not obligatory. Nevertheless, it is the only way to reach the ultimate score. Study the stage, memorize the enemies’ locations, find all the goodies, and reach the chest.
The sixth chapter of the platforming saga cranks up the difficulty and introduces new ideas. Those unfamiliar with the premise might want to start from the beginning. But skipping the earlier entries is completely fine too since they don’t offer much story-wise. Launch Kingdom of Ninja 6 free of charge in a browser and enjoy the adventure. Perform incredible feats of agility, dodge opponents and contraptions, and escape unscathed.

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