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Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense


Hordes of zombies are going to attack your base! Play Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense. Deploy your citizens to fight them off. Exterminate the source of evil. Bring peace to your people. But be careful: the enemies come in huge waves. Driven by the thirst for blood, they know no mercy. Are you ready for violent battles?

Gameplay Algorithms

Your base is always to your left. Looking like a barn, it is what zombies want to destroy. They advance from your right, first only a couple of them. But then they attack in huge groups.
You’ll use a special panel with the images of your soldiers. Click on the one you want to send into the fight. However, there are 2 factors to mind:
They cost some gold. Which you get for killing monsters or just waiting a bit.
Your population is limited. With only 5 in the beginning, the number grows as you proceed through the round.

Soldiers in the Civilization Game

With 5 clusters of warriors, you can build a whole army. They are armed with various weapons:

  1. Sabers
  2. Guns
  3. Bombs
  4. Rifles
  5. Machine guns

They have different stats making them faster or more deadly. Win battles to get diamonds. Then spend them on improving their characteristics. Even a saber-man can become quite powerful!

Enemies in the Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense Game Online

Don’t think that your opponents will be weak zombies who barely move. They are also diverse and match each of your clusters of soldiers. There are big brawlers who throw stones. Fast beasts tear humans into pieces in a couple of seconds. You’ll even encounter dog-like hairy monsters that destroy whole groups as if they were nothing.

Features that Help

As you proceed through the title, you automatically get bonuses that look like fire. If you have enough, you can use special abilities to create a super attack. For example, to deploy everyone at the same time. Or even introduce tanks to the heat of the fight!
Click on the treasure chest to get a lot of such bonuses. As well as enough gold to buy anyone you want at once. However, you have only 2 at the beginning of the title. Use them wisely.
Enjoy the Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense free from Internet threats. Our website checks the pages regularly and gets rid of any viruses. Kevin Games does everything to organize a convenient environment to play. Come and see!

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