"" a new "io" game which lets you take a trip on a spacecraft in a shape of cursor bar across the sheet of an exercise book, sounds absurd? But the game definitely deserves attention. Its game mechanics strikes with diversity, there are as many way to powerlevel your spacecraft as in a full-fledged game. And these are not imaginary factors, they indeed have an impact on your progress during the game. In the beginning you will also be offered to select the class of your spacecraft, there is a number of them so you can find the ship which will best fit your game style. In the course of the game you can upgrade it by collecting bonuses on the battle field, for example you can enhance you power, travel speed, refilling speed, size of the ship and map zooming that will allow you to be always one step ahead.


You will operate the cursor-ship by the mouse only, by navigating the mouse you will be correcting the direction of your ship. By using left mouse button you will accelerate causing your opponents damage.