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Some of the best works of fiction are born when horror comes together with humor. The contrast between tense atmosphere and occasional comic relief can be surprisingly entertaining. What happens when the gaming industry combines this concept with a space exploration setting? Discover one possible answer in the new Among Us Adventure: Imposter Game Online. Become a vicious little alien who snuck onboard an interstellar vessel. Take out unsuspecting crewmembers by sneaking up on them from behind. Use them as your energy source and don’t let the survivors suspect a thing.

The Epitome of Among Us Games

Like in the original that inspired this title, the events take place in outer space. A small crew is on a scientific mission but it’s not going as planned. Members of the personnel keep dying in gruesome ways. There is only one explanation. A body snatcher is pretending to be a regular crewperson. The player’s task is to undermine the mission and kill everyone. Here’s the best way to accomplish that:

  • Learn the movement patterns of the NPCs patrolling the corridors
  • Wait for the right moment to get out of cover
  • Stay out of open confrontations, stab the spacemen in the back
  • Strike from the shadows and leave no one alive

No help is coming, the team can only rely on each other. Make sure to keep them separated and win in every round.

How to Play Among Us Adventure: Imposter Game Online

Use touch controls or the mouse to run. Click and hold LMB until a virtual joystick appears on the screen. Move it in the desired direction to guide the protagonist. The guards are vigilant, avoid getting noticed. The red cone extending from them indicates their line of sight. Stay out of their view and approach from behind. The character will strike automatically once the target is close enough. Deal with all the enemies on the level in the same manner to proceed.
Sometimes it’s nice to have fun without any regard for ethics. The unusual premise keeps Among Us Adventure: Imposter Game Online free of moral constraints. Devour dozens of innocent scientists and guards without feeling bad about it. Have fun and enjoy the snatch!

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