This game will allow you to become a pilot of a strange spaceship. Attack your opponents to get better positions in leaderboard. Collect power-ups, scattered on the game arena and you will get some points in

Don’t forget to use your shield, because every shot from enemies is deadly for you! Space is unexplored territory. Can you even know what secrets it hides and does it have any signs of life. If you saw the gameplay, you understand, there are serious battles to the death. Become one of the defenders of planetary of even universal scale. It’s very easy – just enter your nickname and choose the region you live, and let’s go! In a moment you will get into zero gravity environment. But don’t relax. Of course, you may enjoy the views, where you can see asteroids, stars and their systems, if not in the game?

But the space is full of enemies, they will destroy you with great pleasure. Don’t worry. You have a modern weapon arsenal. Any army will envy that equipment. Ammo is infinite, shield working at full power. The game tries to spend a lot of hours there.

Do you use that features or just lose? Second variant is not so funny, the game demands you to attack and stay away from planetary junk. When you hit state-scale stone, your time is over. But you always can try again. Your parameters will save, if you quit from the game willingly. If you died, register again and destroy opponents!


Mouse Aim – choosing flying direction;

Space – shooting;

Shift – using shields.