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Perhaps, the most popular io game, definitely this words are about ! Developers from miniclip create a game that easily holds attention of thousands of players from all over the world. You ask why this game is so popular, because graphics of the game does not shine with embellishment, just an exercise book, where some multicolored circles fight for supremacy, audio component is not so impressive also. It’s all about gameplay, which will hold your attention for a dozens of days on the vast of the! In the begging – you are just a small dot, which feed and grow, thirst to eat all opponents around it. At the meeting of two rivals all is simple, who is bigger – that eat another. But always remember, that the bigger you get, than lower your speed, therefore small and nimble players will be hard to surprised!


You will control your bacterium with help of your mouse, moving it, your character will do the exact same movements. In the game there are variety of techniques, which help you to be a winner of the battles, and also not to lose all your mass in one collision with the opponent. With help of W-key you can launch a some of your mass forward, and with help of SPACE-key you can be divided. Skillfully use this methods, and no one will be equal with you!

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