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Polygon Drift Endless Traffic Racing


Driving is one of the most thrilling activities that humans have invented. Nothing compares to flooring the gas pedal and getting pushed into the seat. But there is something inherently artificial about dedicated tracks that are intended for high speeds. By contrast, navigating an unpredictable stream of automobiles and evading collisions is incredibly engaging. Obviously, doing so in real life is inadvisable. Speeders put not only their own well-being but also other people at risk. However, thanks to modern technologies, anything is possible. Polygon Drift: Endless Traffic Racing is an online simulator that provides a very specific experience. Take on the role of a rampaging driver on his last ride. Reach mind-blowing velocity and rock out to a catchy soundtrack. Dodge other vehicles and collect bonuses to simplify the task. Try to make it as far as possible without crashing. And maybe break the current record.

In the Fast Lane

The majority of similar titles on Kevin Games suffer from formulaic design. While cruising around and doing circles is fun, it gets old pretty quickly. No matter how realistic the graphics and physics are, the gameplay is more important. As for this addition to the category, it subverts expectations and offers something unique. The list of its commendable qualities includes:

  • Addicting mechanics that are super easy to learn but difficult to master
  • Awesome 3D visuals with an intentionally cartoonish style
  • 2 never-ending roads set in different environments with more backdrops coming soon
  • Intuitive controls that require minimal effort from the player
  • Rocking background music that enhances the mischievous mood

Despite being uncompromisingly fast-paced, the process is surprisingly relaxing. After a while, avoiding obstacles and gathering items becomes second nature. Meanwhile, every additional mile contributes to the overall progression and unlocking cool customization options.

How to Play Polygon Drift: Endless Traffic Racing

There is no need to keep accelerating manually. The car does that automatically without assistance. Steer left and right by pressing A and D or the appropriate Arrow keys. Activate the nitro boost by holding LMB. Watch the fuel gauge carefully. If it drops to zero, the race will be over. Find canisters scattered along the way to replenish the supply. Shields grant one-time protection against significant impact. Essentially, they serve as extra-lives. Money bags are added to the account. Spend that income on upgrades in the main menu.
Rallies, street racing, and other extreme motor competitions are awfully costly and very dangerous. While virtual alternatives could not possibly induce the same sensations, they are far more accessible. Polygon Drift: Endless Traffic Racing is free and completely safe. Run it in a browser without installation using this site. Drive like a maniac without repercussions and achieve staggering high scores.

Polygon Drift Endless Traffic Racing is one of the best Traffic games you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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