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City Public Cycle Rickshaw Driving Simulator mobile
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City Public Cycle Rickshaw Driving Simulator


Various means of transportation have been a prominent theme in computer entertainment for years. But more often than not, developers focus exclusively on motorized vehicles. City Public Cycle Rickshaw Driving Simulator is a free alternative with an unusual premise. It delivers exactly what the name suggests. Explore the streets of a crowded metropolis and find clients looking for a ride. Deliver them to their destination in time without getting lost. Continue providing the essential service and navigate the surroundings like a pro.

Taxi Service Bicycle Game

When most people think of cycling they imagine recreational use of urban and mountain bikes. But this title showcases an important application of human-powered carriages. While they are not nearly as fast as modern cars, they have a significant advantage. Their compact size makes them invaluable assets during rush hour. The team behind this gem decided to recreate the same experience in a virtual world. And they did a fantastic job of implementing the following features:

  • Straightforward and accessible gameplay that involves transporting passengers around the map
  • Large open-ended sandbox with countless interesting areas and memorable environments
  • Dozens of missions that take place in different parts of the town
  • Unique cycling mechanics
  • Upbeat and theme-appropriate background music

The resulting product is fun, colorful, and suitable for all ages. Both fans of the genre and newcomers should give it a chance.

How to Play City Public Cycle Rickshaw Driving Simulator

Press WASD to accelerate, decelerate, and steer. Alternatively, use the Arrow keys in the same manner. Click on the bell icon to honk. Hit the Spacebar to engage the brakes. Follow the blue indicator to reach the current objective. Wait for the clients to get in and take them wherever they need to go. Pay close attention to the stamina bar. Overworking the driver depletes it in seconds. Be careful not to run out of energy prematurely. Complete the task within the time limit to succeed and unlock the next stage.

Forget about repetitive races on unimaginative tracks. Launch City Public Cycle Rickshaw Driving Simulator online on Kevin Games without installation. Work tirelessly and diligently while soaking in the the lively atmosphere of a prosperous capital.

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