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When ships drown, there must be a lot of sea creatures feasting on helpless people. Find out how many there actually are with Titanic Shark Attacks game free. Save Leonardo and his beloved. Kill monsters and don’t let them come near the couple.

How to Control?

When you launch the play, you see the introduction. The plot begins with the cracked vessel and black fog coming from it. Then, two passengers manage to escape and float on the door. They will stop in the lower part of the screen. Suddenly, sharks of different sizes and colors appear. They slowly swim towards the victims. Your goal is to prevent that from happening. Click on each one, and they will disappear. However, don’t get relaxed. More of them are coming.

Are there Difficulty Levels in Titanic Shark Attacks Game Online?

Well, you don’t choose a level yourself. As you start playing, sharks move slowly. Besides, they are not numerous yet. However, they come in waves. And each time they are faster and more dangerous. In this way, the process gets more difficult. You need to move your fingers a lot to tap on every creature. At some point, the whole screen will be covered in these deadly monsters.

Way to Win

The best strategy to play Titanic Shark Attacks game is to hit immediately. The moment you see them, start right away. And remember your goal: don’t let them reach the people. So, don’t try to entirely clean only one side of the screen. Spread your attention and good luck. To join the toy, visit Kevin Games and enjoy the adventure there.

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Titanic Shark Attacks Video Walkthrough

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