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Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain & Puzzle Quest


Science and sorcery are generally considered to be the polar opposites of each other. The former entails a methodical, calculated approach to making sense of the surrounding world. The latter implies the ability to influence time and matter through sheer force of will. Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain & Puzzle Quest is a game that combines these concepts into one. Step into the shoes of a capable mage, exploring an ancient dungeon. In each room, there is a box that could contain a valuable artifact. But getting to it is never easy. Use supernatural powers to disintegrate objects that are blocking the path. Figure out a way to make the chest fall into the protagonist’s hands. Be careful not to lose the potentially precious trophy. Complete a series of challenging logic-based trials and finish the single-player campaign.

Intellectual Wizardry Game

Compared to other casual brain-teasers, this title never overstays its welcome. The difficulty curve is very accessible, which prevents the missions from feeling overwhelming. Although they do become harder over time, they always remain quite manageable. In addition to that, the release has several other compelling qualities:

  • Straightforward, intuitive, and highly addictive physics-based gameplay that involves a fair amount of critical thinking
  • Unusual blend of medieval fantasy, witchcraft, and deductive reasoning
  • 13 chapters, each consisting of 8 hand-crafted levels
  • Lightweight 2D graphics with stylish pixel art
  • Enchanting soundtrack that creates a delightful whimsical atmosphere

The resulting product is one of the most entertaining hidden gems available on Kevin Games. It will definitely please long-time fans of the genre without alienating a wider audience.

How to Play Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain & Puzzle Quest

The goal is to place the question mark cube next to the character. Accomplishing the task may require some creativity and experimentation. To get rid of unnecessary obstacles, hover the mouse cursor over them, and click LMB. Keep in mind that all the elements are interconnected and affect one another. Eliminating a crate that supports a ramp will change its angle. Destroying a flammable barrel will produce an explosion, sending nearby items flying in different directions. Plan ahead to work out the correct sequence and execute it to achieve victory.
Circumvent the protective measures implemented by the mysterious builders of the underground vault. Solve numerous problems through ingenuity and effective spell-casting. Launch Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain & Puzzle Quest for free in a regular browser. Enjoy hours of amusing playtime, and have a blast.

Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain & Puzzle Quest is one of the best Wizardry Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain & Puzzle Quest has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 3.6 / 5 with 50 votes.

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