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People are tired of waiting for the next installment of their favorite rhythm-based musical simulator. Start a free Friday Night Funkin' Ugh High Effort game online instead. It was created by a fan who tried to be as faithful to the original as possible. Tankman returns to take revenge on Boyfriend and Girlfriend for the previous humiliation. Help the protagonists defeat the villain once more by singing his signature Ugh track. The monochrome veteran has been working on his performance and honing his skills. This time, it will take a lot of dedication to beat him. Here’s what new players should expect:

  • Unofficial continuation of the Week 7 storyline in an unexpected recording studio setting
  • Higher stakes and increased difficulty level that only the best can handle
  • Traditional engaging mechanics and responsive controls
  • Familiar characters making a long-awaited and welcome appearance

The final product turned out to be surprisingly polished and true to its predecessor. It looks and feels very similar without outright copying the source. Give it a go and have a blast.

How to Play FNF Ugh High Effort Game

Keep up with the song by pressing the appropriate keystrokes. Push the Arrow buttons as the corresponding instructions pop up. Doing it correctly will make the character sing. Missing notes will result in him stopping the performance. If that happens, try to recover and get back on track. Use the health bar at the bottom of the screen as a status indicator. Ensure that the kid has the advantage by the end of the round.
Have fun figuring out all the complicated patterns this title has to offer. Just like the other installments, this one is available for free on Kevin Games. Enjoy it for as long as necessary, master the challenge, and beat the antagonist.

Friday Night Funkin Ugh High Effort is one of the best FNF Mods you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Friday Night Funkin Ugh High Effort has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.3 / 5 with 879 votes.

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      1. MIA 12 december 2023, 02:49
        1. Edwin 25 january 2023, 13:47
          Hey, I heard you're doing better, never knew you as a quitter And I'm glad you're doing okay
          1. amy 29 april 2022, 16:57
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              that game is my favorit
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                You are so BETTER at this game friday night funkin boyfriend and girl friend and rich FROM luis
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                  I like this game i have never in my life played it