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Play Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles game to hone your logical thinking. As well as solving skills. Designed for small kids, it invites you to try your chances against clever riddles. And offers gradually ascending difficulty levels. Bright colors and nice characters encourage users to piece them together. In short, it won’t be easy. But that is exactly why it is fun!

Drag and Attach

The pieces are piled up to your left. Pick the one you think is useful right now. And place it in the frame to your right. If your suggestion is right, it will stick to its spot and wait for its neighbors to join. Use the mouse or touchpad to move the parts: click and hold to drag. And let go to release.

Speed Up in Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles Game Online

Don't expect the process to be peaceful and idle. The developers have added a timer to rattle your nerves. It is not an obligatory restriction but rather a reminder to hurry. You can easily ignore it. However, most players fail to. And when they see seconds being counted, they want to complete the round faster. It is a chance to check your progress. Can you perform better with each new try? We’ll see.

Gentle Difficulty Growth

In this title, you don’t choose between easy, medium, or hard levels. The adventure does everything for you and automatically complicates rounds and pics. For example, only 4 parts to connect in the first try later transform into 9. And so on.
Plus higher stages don’t show a sketch of the image. Which makes you analyze the pieces you get and think about where to stack them.
You will find 9 illustrations in the Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles game free. With the fairytale creature as the main character, they depict it in different circumstances. For instance, sleeping on the moon or swimming with a flamingo bathing ring. Open the rest of the pics yourself! Do that on Kevin Games. The website hosts this title, as well as many other entertainment options.

Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles is one of the best Unicorn Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 3.8 / 5 with 4 votes.

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Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles Video Walkthrough

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