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Have you ever wondered what a battle royale game in a fantasy medieval setting would look like? Well, that question motivated the creators of Zeal decided to answer that question with their upcoming battleground-based RPG with PVP, conquest and arena modes.

The goal was to combine the atmosphere and beautiful environments of magical worlds filled with magical creatures, rich lore and history with some of the most entertaining and dynamic gameplay mechanics of modern battle royale competitive games. An ambitious goal for sure, but Lycanic Studios might just pull it off - they've already published a couple of videos demonstrating two different game modes.

According to the developers, the gameplay will be session based and even MOBA-like to an extent. You will be able to develop your character throughout one session choosing and modifying your build according to the situation. You can also customize your outfit, think through the composition of your team to optimize cooperation.

If you are a fan of fantasy, battle royale or both, play Zeal online with your friends or with other gamers from all over the world. This game might just be the next big thing, so don't miss out and become one of the first players to explore it!

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