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Wargroove is an upcoming strategy game developed by Chucklefish - the studio behind Starbound and the publisher of many other renowned games including Stardew Valley. The creators are known for being very sincere about their love to the games they make and produce, so this turn-based multiplayer game has a great chance of becoming an instant classic.

Yes, at its core Wargroove is a tactical strategy with turn-based combat that allows up to four players battle against each other, build and control their armies and manage their resources. The devs promise that the game will be very accessible and easy to learn, but of course, not so easy to master.

So is it just another online war game? Not really, because in this game inspired by classic titles of the genre some unique and modern mechanics are implemented to make it even more enjoyable and rewarding. The charming pixel art is there too, but the creators always keep modern higher definitions and make the graphics pristine, clear and colorful.

If you want to play Wargroove online, you're gonna have to wait: the game is to be released some time in 2018, but there is no actual date yet. In any case, we can't wait to see what Chucklefish have come up with!

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