Wall Jump Hero

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Wall Jump Hero is a new mobile game created by an independent developer. Following one of the most popular trends in smartphone game design, this game utilizes simplistic core mechanics to create an extremely addictive experience masterfully balancing frustration and satisfaction.

The game is played in vertical screen mode. You control a cute little bunny jumping from one wall to another in a never ending shaft going straight through the sky. The key is to carefully time every jump to make it across without being hit by any of the obstacles, projectiles or enemies, which include giant Mario-like bullets flying across the screen, squares suspended in mid-air covered with spikes and sentient blocks that move around in order to stop you from progressing any further.

The control is very simple and precise. The graphics are crisp and remind of the good old days of the video game industry, specifically the 8-bit era. Overall, a very well-done game with a fun concept that will challenge your platforming skills.

If you think you have what it takes to get higher than most, play Wall Jump Hero online or download it for your mobile device of choice and let your hiscore speak for itself!

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