Voxel Baller

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Voxel Baller is a new refreshing take on the old school brick breaking games. If you've ever played Arkanoid or any of its clones, you will immediately recognize the concept: move your paddle in two directions, don't lose the ball, direct it into the blocks to destroy them one by one - nice and simple, what more could we ask for?

Enter Voxel Baller, an very cool take on the genre with some truly unique features and amazing presentation. What you immediately notice when first playing the game is that it is not a 2D game! Yes, as you can guess from the title, the game utilizes voxel graphics to create satisfyingly destructible environments in colorful urban and suburban settings. You are not stuck with one camera angle either - in fact, you can switch between four optimized settings to know exactly where the ball is at all times.

Explore 10 beautiful worlds, beat 50 unique levels, enjoy intense boss battles, play with up to 6 different characters with their own special abilities.

If you're a fan of brick breaking games, you simply have to pley Voxel Baller online download it from Steam, but even if you're normally not into that sort of thing, this game might just blow your mind and leave you wanting more!

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