Trap Adventure 2

Played 113,428 times

Trap Adventure 2 is the hardest, most annoying and disheartening game for mobile in existence. Try playing it online on our website, but be careful not to start raging!

Try not to get too nervous while playing Trap Adventure 2. Unfortunately, it’s not easy at all, but you should try. You have to take control of the character and pass the levels. You will encounter countless traps on your way in every location. The greatest twist of this game are the suddenly appearing spikes that kill our hero instantly and return him back to the start. You will have to memorize the location of all the traps to get as far as you can. For every attempt you will receive experience that you can compare to your friends’ scores. Put yourself, your memory and reaction to the test – how far can you get before your nerves get the better of you?

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