The Last Night

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The Last Night is an upcoming platforming game that by the looks of it is oozing with originality. Set in a dark futuristic setting reminiscent of some classic films and novels like Blade Runner, this game features amazingly stylish visuals and unique animations that jump off the screen even when you're simply watching the trailer.

Developed primarily for Xbox One, The Last Night doesn't seem like the usual safe titles that this console is known for. From the trailer alone it's safe to say that this game takes some chances in the way it tells the story. The pixel art graphics are highly detailed and the general vibe is very dramatic. The prospective changes throughout the scene making it feel a lot more dynamic and urgent.

If you are familiar with games like Out Of This World and Flashback, you probably already have a decent idea about how this game might feel. It does have that retro-futuristic vibe, but still feels very different from the mentioned titles thanks to the way the creators utilize some of the modern technologies and resources available on modern computers.

If you like platforming games that tell a great story in a unique and stylish way, you owe it to yourself to check out The Last Night.

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