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Out in the space no little battles break out between extraterrestrials on the spaceships. No,that is not a new plot of Hollywood movie about the aliens it is "tenz.io"! It’s a new "io" game where you have to fight with same extraterrestrials as your hero. You have to collect various bonuses which are randomly scattered across the map. Some of them will give you a health recovery and others let you have points to upgrade your level. Killing your opponents you also upgrade your level and collecting drop-down bonuses you recover your health. Do you see violet bullets flying in your direction? Beware! It is the marking for the enemy's bullets of the other players, and in this game you should be afraid of humans rather than auto hunting.


Operation in "tenz.io" is simple though involves many more key buttons than other games of the same genre. Move characters by classic WASD. Take aim and shoot with the mouse (Left button-normal shot, the right-super attack). But if the going got tough and shots don't help-use "Shift" in order to slip away from the battleground to another end of the map.