Techno Boy

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Wondering if Techno Boy is worth checking out? Well, let's find out. Are you a fan of hardcore platforming? Have you spent endless hours trying to finish that unspeakably difficult Super Meatboy level? Or maybe you've enjoyed the sheer frustration of the famous Trap Adventure 2? Well, even if you haven't you still might want to give this game a shot, and here's why.

Techno Boy is inspired by some of the most ruthless platformers, but it also has the charm of the older games of that genre that didn't have the goal of frustrating the player to the point of intellectual oblivion. This game is difficult, sure, but the feeling of accomplishment you will get after finally clearing a level without a single mistake will be worth all the effort put into it.

Be careful: it only take one hit or one uncalculated jump to die and then you'll have to start over. On your way you will encounter a variety of obstacle: giant circular saws coming at you from the floor and from the walls, laser grids with not so obvious patterns, pools of toxic waste, rotating sections and much more.

If you've never played a game like that, now is your chance. If you have, play Techno Boy online or download it on Steam - it's perfect for the fans of the hardcore platformer genre.

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