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Tanx.io offers you a realistic tank battles, interesting way of keeping bases and making sieges, and also nice graphics. This browser game will definitely be interesting for tank battles fans for many hours. Here you can join in one of 4 teams. Your objective is to destroy enemy tanks and attack their base. But don’t think only about attacking. While you are besieging enemy base, your opponent can destroy your base too! Teams should to make a game strategy – speak with each other, and make an effective attack and defence system. Meet another multiplayer shooter, created on Agar.io basis. Tanx.io is a exciting tank battle, where you should become the winner.

The objective success depend on you, you need to kill enemies. If you leave even one tank, don’t think you’re got the victory. Don’t underestimate your opponents! Playing with others is interesting, because you can meet people from all over the world. It’s a world-wide game. The action takes place in tangled labyrints. Try not to get lost there, or you will die. Although, it can become your hiding place.

Tanx.io demands active attacking, not only just shooting from the hide. Other players can see from bird’s eye view what’s happening behind the wall, but they can’t do anything.


WASD – tank movement;

Mouse Aim – direction of shooting;

LMB – shoot.