Played 1321 times is a beautiful game, made in style of games of 80’s. The game style is original. The big pixels take you back about 30 years. Music and characters phrases also use this style. All of this gives you an unforgettable impression of gameplay. You need to fly on the spaceship and fight with other pilots. Collect power-ups. They allows you to strengthen your ship and make your shells more powerful. Shoot straight, dodge the enemy ship’s bullets and your victory – will only be a matter of time. Good luck, pilot!

Boys like shooter games, and is good choice! But it’s not so fair to ignore girls, who maybe will find something interesting there. Here you will see wonderful gameplay, like in others IO games. Don’t miss that game, later you’ll regret about it. But to begin, you need to fill the form. No confidential information is required – just your nickname or login and some time for reading the rules. By the way, the last point is especially important, because it’s a new game, and you won’t find any additional forums and articles about game features and walkthrough. Don’t worry, you will learn everything with practice, and goals will become easy.

You should know, the game welcomes fast movement and shooting, that’s why you need to see the game arsenal, available in the first levels. In general, survival is most important thing, beware of old-style gamers, trying to kill you. Here you will find many opponents to play, because it’s multiplayer game. You can chat with them. For this purpose, a blog was created, and you can enter it directly in the game. Novice and experienced players will find very addictive.

Controls: Use your mouse to control the ship. To attack, press LMB.