Stickman Slayer

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So, you are a small black man with a sword, you are alone in the forest. You are surrounded by other black people with the swords, crossbows or firearms. Of course, they are trying to kill you. This is the main idea of the game.

The appis is as simple as a matchbox, there are few details, but it’s a great way to kill the time. From the first seconds, you may choose the arm: a huge sword or a gun with 45 cartridges. We don’t recommend you to choose the gun, it is not a safe variant, and you run out of cartridges very soon. The aim is to kill all freaks in the forest and to pick their money. The aim is quite simple. There are many levels, while you are passing them, the number of freaks is increasing. Your character is also changing, because his arm is being constantly improved.