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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study at an academy of magic in a fantasy world? In Spellbound, an upcoming game from the publishers of Stardew Valley, you can do just that and a lot more. Anyone who grew up reading and watching the Harry Potter series would probably love to experience something similar, and now it's finally possible.

Visually this game is reminiscent of its famous indie predecessor. You have your top-down view, your beautiful crisp pixel art, great animations and atmospheric visual effects. There is also a similar system for resource gathering and crafting, which will probably be intertwined with the character's studies. Judging from the trailer the surroundings will vary from snowy woodlands to medieval cities and spacious hallways.

Another important aspect of Spellbound is relationship building: you can interact with dozens of characters in the game however you like, have fun, make friends, go on dates and participate in numerous activities. Everyone has their own unique traits and some have intricate story lines that the player will be able to explore.

The real time combat system will be familiar to anyone who has ever played games similar to The Legend of Zelda, only with magic instead of swords.

By the looks of it, Spellbound is bound to succeed, and we are definitely looking forward to it!

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