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Wars in the space continues! The “” will allow you to dominate the interstellar arena. Begin to play with a little army of spaceships and become the only and absolute master of the Galaxy! Give a name to your flotilla and fly to the new adventures! And it’s not important that your ships look like a colored triangles, they are capable to destroy the other fleets.

The main thing in the game - is a supersonic speed ships flying across the playing arena. It’s not that difficult to destroy your enemies. You can shoot with the mouse. You can also meet purple figures there. Shoot them and you can get the additional ship to your fleet! Shoot your enemies to get them too! The bigger your fleet, the stronger you are! – is a great multiplayer shooter, where you get a chence to compete with players from all over the world and show your power. Become the biggest and conquer the universe! Show your skills and get to the top of the leaderboard.


Mouse move – steering fleet

LMB click/Space – shoot