Smash Hit

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It is a real ever-green game of the appstore top. The reaon is that the game is really exciting. Your childhood dreams have come true. You can break the glass over and over again, while listening a marvelous sound track. Mysterious music changes each time the player goes to the next room, so you will never bored with a primitive and monotonous tune. The aim is simple. The player is moving through a chain of long rooms with different obstacles and bonuses made of glass .The player must clean the road for himself, breaking figures by means of metal balls. Use a tap on the screen to throw these balls. At the very beginning, you have only 25 balls. When you break crystals on the way, the number of balls is increased in 3, 5 or 10 times, it depends on the kind of stone. You may use one tap to throw a single ball. But, if the player manages to break all crystals on his way, the number of balls, that can be thrown at once, is increasing after each ten precise shots. The maximal number of balls that can be thrown at once is five. But don’t forget that this number will reduce to a single ball if you run into the obstacle or miss one of the crystals. The rules are simple, but, as you move further, the game becomes more difficult. The game is worth loading. You will have a great time playing this marvelous game!


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