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Do you want to go into space, right here and right now? New IO game “RocketBlitz” – is your own rocket, able to get you to galaxy exapnses. You can play as a guest and as a registered user. With registration you will get new features, but if you want just to try it, you can use guest mode.

This brilliant multiplayer shooter, where each player should use his reaction speed and strategic thinking. You have to capture planets, create different structures and alliances. To do that, you need to join other players and make a unique tactics of your combat.

This game opens to you endless universe and endless opportunities. Taking part in space battles, attacking different objects – all of this is possible. To see your progress just look on the leaderboard. To coordinate actions with other players you can use the chat. Now you know all the things, it’s time to check your abilities! Good luck!


W – thrust forwards;

S – thrust backwards;

A/D – turning ship;

Space – shooting;

Enter – use chat;

Esc – user menu.

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