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Select one of the famous movie and videogame heroes out of 20 available variants and be off to raven the other players on the server. Sounds impossible? But in fact everything is like you have just read! Meet “ppep.io”. Your target in the first instance will be to fatten your hero by eating up small pieces of food just like in the snake of the past century. But one important difference is that in case you are not fully focused and don't take the right turn you risk to be eaten by another player. Do you feel that you have put on enough weight and most of the players are smaller than you? Go on and eat up the weakest and grow bigger at the cost of their points which will be transferred to you as soon as you eat them. Increase in size and dominate on the map!


In "Ppep.io" they employ customary hero operation system. Use W A S D and move across the map. Pressing the spacebar you will immediately accelerate and slip away from your enemy, but if you feel that the defeat is inevitable press “Shift” and your hero will split into several parts and some of your progression will be saved!