Playground Craft: Build & Play

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It is not a game, but a severe test for your nerves. From the first seconds your eyes start bleeding because of the graphics, and your hair is turning grey because of the horror. Moreover, every 15 seconds the screaming advertisement appears that is impossible to close.

And now let’s speak about the game. You are offered to personalize a pixel freak who doesn’t even look like a human being. You can make up only the eyes and the bang on his face. It is almost impossible to see his face with this kind of graphics. There are few variants of modification, and these variants don’t make much sense.

Then, you go to the improvised play ground. It would be good to know, what for? All you can do is to build weird cubes of building materials, the soil and the grass.  According to the idea of the authors, you must build/improve the playground, but it is almost impossible because the opportunities of the app are limited.

The sense and the functions are not clear. Every time we are about to realize the sense of the game, annoying advertisement appears. The game is constantly requiring donations, and it is not fair because these donations change nothing. Donations only increase the volume of some weird cubes, the purpose of these cubes is not clear.

To sum up, we should say that the game is a total failure. It can hardly interest someone. The game has no sense, it is a deadly stuff for humanoids with brains. You are fed up with the game after five minutes. It would be stupid to spend the time on this game.

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