Paper Cut Mansion

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Paper Cut Mansion is a quirky artistic take on the horror game genre. The main gimmick of the game is its unique visual style: the story takes place in a house made completely out of cardboard and paper, and the same goes for all the characters and monsters.

Your ultimate goal is to escape the mansion, but it won't be easy: enemies aside, the rooms are filled with puzzles, some passages are locked and you will have to be smart to solve the mysteries of this place.

Sometimes you can find clues hidden in the furniture, but you never know when something dangerous is lurking inside the cardboard models. Our protagonist, however, is not a weakling by any means: in the trailer you can see him holding a pretty convincing looking gun, so we will at least have the opportunity to defend ourselves.

From the amazing art style, fun level design, fitting music to the chilling atmosphere, all aspects of this game look very promising, so if you're into horror games and would like to discover something original, Paper Cut Mansion will probably not disappoint you.

We'll have to wait and see until it becomes possible to play Paper Cut Mansion online or buy and download it to your platform of choice.

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