Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden

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Mutant Year Zero is a new turn based tactical RPG where you control a team of memorable characters in post-apocalyptic world. Featuring amazing visuals, unique story and time-tested gameplay mechanics, this game may be able to satisfy not only the fans of the genre, but a much wider audience.

The 'post-human' Earth depicted in Mutant Year Zero was affected by some sort of disaster or a devastating war. The surviving humans live in small disorganized communities, but there are also mutants and robots inhabiting the lands. You start out with a team of three characters: a human female soldier, a hog and a duck (both intelligent and anthropomorphic) who are depicted in the trailers and gameplay videos. You will stumble upon other characters who will join your team later on.

Gameplay-wise, MYZ is heavily inspired by games like X-Com: you explore the world in a free roam mode, but once an enemy spots you and the battle starts, the game switches to turn based combat. You need to control the characters one by one, carefully thinking about every move you make.

If you like futuristic worlds, interesting characters and turn based combat adventures, play Mutant Year Zero online or in single player - you won't regret it.