Mother Simulator

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Mother Simulator is a first person game that was created in order to try and convey how difficult it is to be a mother. It also happens to be ridiculously funny because of the combination of quirky graphics, intentionally awkward controls and hilarious unconventional tasks that you fulfill.

As you have probably guessed, in this game you take control of a young mother who is not very knowledgeable when it comes to upbringing and taking care of children. Your goal is to help her to the best of your ability: changing diapers, feeding, cleaning, washing the dishes - this is your life from now on, and the child cannot wait, so better get to it.

Having said all that, following the traditions of weird indie simulators, this game also allows you to go nuts and ruin everything as much as you like. If you are feeling particularly vile, you can make the mother's life a complete disaster, neglect your responsibilities as a parent and generally be a jerk. You won't be able to make any progress, sure, but at least you will have some fun.

If you've ever wanted to experience something more frightening that running away from monsters in survival horror games, try Mother Simulator and find out what taking care of a child feels like.

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