Modern Action FPS Mission

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It is quite mediocre app, and you notice this mediocrity from the first second. Everything becomes clear when you see the intro. Graphics and control can be compared with the Stone Age. The characters are awkward and clumsy. Moreover, you start the mission with a knife and a pistol for 6 – 8 cartridges. It is not a mistake, it is a strange coincidence, so you can’t guess how many cartridges you have. Maybe, it is an ordinary bug. Mission is possible to complete, but if you continue playing, you will lose the desire to complete it. Control is really poor, and when you hit the enemy, you perceive it just like a happy coincidence. There is a huge amount of advertisement. This game can be regarded as a big advertisement with some breaks for a couple of shots.

You are not able to choosethe arms or the mission. It is possible only after the donation. However, you shouldn’t spend the money on this kind of game. The game won’t be interesting even it is free of charge.

To sum up, the game is useless, the graphics is terrible, you shouldn’t waste the time.

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