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You are waiting for the RPG game in the io world? Here it is! Legions.io is the first RPG game among io games! Welcome to the beautifully drawn pixel world where you may choose one of the three teams, to choose the class of the character (the Knight, the Magician, the Archer). You will immediately take part in the exciting game. At the very beginning of the battle, you will have only three of four existing opportunities to defeat the enemy, but, as the battle goes on and you accumulate scores, you will receive all the four opportunities.

All three classes of characters differ from each other, and they are well-balanced between each other. Here you won’t meet a typical situation for this kind of games, when all gamers on the server choose the Archer because it is the easiest way to the victory. Legions.io is the game with great opportunities. Even if would like just to try each function of each class, you will spend more than a day.


To move to a certain place on the map, click the right button of the mouse. The keys QWER are responsible for functions that are used to attack the enemies.