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Prepare yourself, so today you can try new favourite game. You can’t imagine how wonderful it is. You may not notice it right away. The game arena looks gray and dark, and some sticks moving back and forth, making curves of all forms.

You will be the dot, moving at high speed. It accelerates automatically, and if you want to play longer, try to survive, make your snake bigger, choose the directions and jump through other players. If you didn’t get the idea, all these lines are players, decided to test themselves in That’s new game, and you may not see many players there, but it’s temporary thing. The more you play, the more fun you get. Adrenalin didn’t give you chance to rest, you need to be careful! Watch for all lines, try to not hit them, or you will see the main menu screen. It’s your decision – begin again or close the game.

If you have enough adventurism, it’s for the weak to stop after one-two match. You will become a professional even in half of an hour! To become the best here you need to play several hours. Nevertheless, everyone can climb at the leaderboard’s top, especially now, records are not so high!


Left Arrow / Right Arrow – turn left/righ

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