It Lurks Below

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It Lurks Below is a new game by David Brevik, a former Blizzard developer and one of the creators of Diablo. This game also features action/RPG gameplay mechanics and if you like collecting loads of new loot, you will probably enjoy it very much.

The game is described as combination of dungeon crawling straight out of the Diablo games with the open-world sandbox-like world that is associated with such games as Terraria and Minecraft.

There are, of course, classes and a deep system of level ups - you become more powerful the deeper you go towards the world's core. It's obvious that what separates this game from your regular hack and slash RPG is the side-scrolling element: you can only travel within two-dimensional space, but as we all know, this is hardly a limitation, considering how many modern games utilize this type of design successfully.

The player will be given tools like shovels and pickaxes as well as gun-like wands. Every enemy class will have its own attributes and traits, so you will have to choose your arsenal depending on the type of damage you need to make.

Play It Lurks Below, reach the unseen depths and take in the unique atmosphere this game creates around you.