Immense Army

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The military game if you wish to call it that way. It is one of the most amazing games you could play on the planet, I am not being dishonest with you. It sincerely have kept my mind on the move. I am always happy playing this amazing game from time to time.

Your goal is to build a huge and unstoppable army ever. You will have to purchase building, after which you will be capable of recruiting soldiers automatically in each and every second. Elevating your barracks higher will mean getting more soldiers to your camp. You are capable of elevating the soldiers to higher rankings, and therefore arranging your battalion ready for war. The game can be auto or manual. Manual gaming is more interesting and involving, by just a click of a button you can cause damages against your enemies. Tactics, aggressiveness and predictions of tactics is something you can actually do.

Get you battalion in order, and play the game.

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