Hazelnut Bastille

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Hazelnut Bastille - an indie game currently in development by a dedicated team of creators from Aloft Studio - is a new incarnation of classic action adventure titles many of us grew up with.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the game's videos is The Legend of Zelda: you have your sword wielding protagonist exploring a big wold that you see from a top down perspective, you have your dungeons full of monsters, secrets and treasures, you have your friendly characters inhabiting the fantasy lands, living their lives, sending you on quests and giving you advice.

Amongst other things, this game features a beautiful art design with refined pixelated graphics that looks gorgeous on modern HD screens. When you think about it, visually this game is actually pretty close to another indie hit - Stardew Valley, although it definitely has a different vibe in terms of presentation and level design. Every inch of the screen, every sound and every musical note work amazingly well together, creating an atmosphere of wonder and adventure unlike anything you've experienced before.

It's not clear yet weather we will be able to play Hazelnut Bastille online or only in single player, but whatever the case, this game will bring us hours of joy!

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