Guns of Mercy - Shoot' Em Up

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This shooter is quite pleasant to play. The graphics’ quality is very poor, like in Mario. It was really funnty to see the turtles under the legs that are similar to the turtles from Mario. The registration process is simple. You shouldn’t enter the gamer’s name. If you don’t want to enter your name, you will receive the serial number, and that’s all. It is great that the game doesn’t’ contain any advertisement, so  the game is easy to play, and you will enjoy it. The levels are easy to pass and, at the same time, they are full of variety. On each of the levels you will meet new monsters and receive new equipment. You are a stormtrooper with a bluster, and you are shooting at the monsters flying over your head. When you kill these monsters, you receive various bonuses, including new improved skills and arms. The most interesting bonus is canister with the petrol. When a strong and brave stormtrooper uses this bonus, he turns into a killing machine with the flamethrower that is almost able to achieve far-away galaxies.

The game control is on the screen of your Smartphone, it is quite simple and easy to use.

The game is quite quick, it doesn’t contain any bugs. There are many options and functions that don’t require donation. It is a great way to kill the time on the way home. However, you won’t spend the whole evening on this game.

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