Played 4168 times is the game that is quite similar to the game, but it has some peculiarities. For example, in this game, unlike the game, you are playing for the microbes. The game has a standard script of io projects. You start playing for a small microbe, then you should enlarge your character by means of absorbing various bonuses found in different places of the map. The bigger you are, the easier is to kill the enemies. Now, let’s speak about peculiar features of the game. You may choose one from more than a hundred skins for the microbe you are playing for.

Moreover, except the way of standard victory over the enemy, you may divide your microbe into two parts and receive extra opportunities to carry out your plans. Moreover, the designers have added a mini map that will make your way to the victory much easier. To sum up, we should mention that all fans of the genre will enjoy this game and will spend many hours playing it.


movements are carried out by means of the mouse. Press the SPACE, and your microbe will be divided into two parts. In order to shoot, press W.