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Floogen is a unique game made with the use of stop-motion animation. Designed with Unreal Engine 4 and Dragonframe Stopmotion, this game features a truly unique atmosphere and art style worthy of the greatest sidescrollers in history.

The visuals are rendered in high definition, the graphics are clean and crisp-looking and the general vibe takes us back to the times of the Neverhood with its goofy yet charming atmosphere.

At its core Floogen is a pretty straightforward platforming game with simple controls: you act as a cheerful and kind-looking protagonist with a basic set of armor and an axe exploring the world and slaying dangerous enemies on his path. But it does feature a system of upgrades that you can unlock by collecting melons and other bonuses. That in combination with some really impressive and inspired levels makes for a great game that everyone needs to check out.

Every single frame of animation was photographed by the creator and then meticulously processed to match all the other frames - the amount of work that was put into this should not go unnoticed.

Even if you play Floogen and don't enjoy the gameplay mechanics, it's definitely a great experiment in game design, and the creator will probably make more original titles with a similar art style.