FAR - Lone Sails

Played 1968 times

FAR - Lone Sails is a bizarre side scrolling adventure game that takes place in a desolate post-apocalyptic world. You play as an engineer who has nothing else but his weirdly constructed vehicle and himself.

First and foremost, FAR is a contemplative experience: you won't get tons of action, dynamic cutscenes or gripping dialogue in this game. What you will get, however, is a touching story, beautiful art and music, interesting storytelling and a brilliant atmosphere.

The goal of the game is to keep moving forward, avoiding obstacles, fixing and upgrading your strange land boat. You will find remains of the lost civilization along the way that will help you discover how it came to an end.

Although the mechanics of the game are pretty simple, the creators found many ways to keep the gameplay fresh and innovative. You never know what to expect next, because in this fantasy futuristic world weird technology is easy to come by if you know what you're looking for. The slower puzzles will be accompanied by more pressing issues and sometimes the player will have to act quickly to get out of a certain predicament.

When the game is out, make sure to play FAR Lone Sails online or download it for offline play from your preferred distributor to experience a unique and original indie gameplay.