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We’re hurry to please fans of IO game series by another new game! “Elementar.io” – is a shooter game in conditions of a ever-changing universe. For the start you can choose a favouite item of three available and choose your nickname. After that, you can join to the battle. The game takes place in a galaxy or in a world of elementary particles, but it’s not important. Blue sphere looks like water, red-yellow – fire and green ball reminds of grass. All of them have protective shield and a lot of potential. Every new level gives you new active and passive skills. Your firepower and shield power will increase.

The “Elementar.io” game will not allow you to relax, it keeps you in a good shape. You can see your result on a leaderboard at lower right of a screen. Try to maintain a high speed of the battle and use your opportunities and get maximum score. That’s the only way to prove your skills and get a rank of the best player in the community. Good luck!


WASD – moving character;

LMB – shooting.