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Ecosystem is an upcoming simulator of life and evolution which is being developed by and independent studio. The concept of the game is reflected in its name: control the environment and watch the creatures evolve and adapt to the ecosystem you've created. There were attempts to explore this idea in video games before, but not at this level of detail, realism or scale.

The environments themselves are highly dependent on many factors: temperature, clarity of water, minerals and light affect how the energy in form of food and nutrients is distributed among the species. Even the slightest change can bring dramatic change, and that is one of the most fascinating things about life that this game is trying to convey.

After playing this you will not only get a first hand experience in forming a food chain on a large scale, but will also explore the inner workings of the nervous system, DNA and ecosystem. Predators and prey, mind-blowing survival tactics, visual representations of behavior and many other natural wonders await you in this game.

If you're a fan of quality simulation or are interested in evolution and how it works, play Ecosystem online when it's released and create a world of your own!

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