Crafting and Building: Girls Adventure

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In my opinion, this game is interesting only for kids who are 12. You create an animated avatar, the options to choose the color scheme have a limited range of functions, you may choose the color of hair, the color of skin (from white till the most fantastic colors, purple, pink or green), the color of clothes and shoes, choose the music from several offered variants, without an opportunity to load your own music, in order to make the game less boring, and then it is a matter of two buttons, you occasionally click on the screen, and the animated picture starts dancing. However, it doesn’t look like a real dance. The character only moves very slowly and makes some chaotic movements by his arms and legs. It is clear that both the dance and the animation are terrible, the game process is monotonous, the choice of music is limited, there are few opportunities of the avatar creation. There are few movements, and most of them are with bugs. You can spend countless minutes of ineffective work, and then the bug will ruin your efforts. It is really annoying. Moreover, every 5 – 10 seconds you are offered to upgrade GooglePlay services.

You have an opportunity to save up to 16 variants of those avatars in the game, to make a photo of your avatar and to load it on your phone, of course, without animation, but it can be used as the avatar of any social network.

To sum up, this is the game for kids who are 12 years old, and even these kids will play this game only once. There is a poor choice of functions, the game needs improvement and doesn’t have any sence. It is useless. The game is boring, it doesn’t worth even a couple of minutes spent during the loading.

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