Courage`s Curse

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Courage's Curse is a survival horror game set in the universe of Courage The Cowardly Dog. Anyone who has ever seen the cartoons will immediately recognize the dog's pink paw (the only part of the protagonist visible from the first person perspective), the familiar environments and buildings of the farm and the unique mix of creepy and funny that the show is famous for.

Something is wrong with the grandma Muriel: she's acting strange, her eyes are glowing in the dark and it's up to Courage to survive and make things go back to normal. He will have to explore the house and the surrounding territory of the farm to find clues, solve puzzles and uncover the mystery.

You have only your flashlight and your senses at your disposal: in order to avoid danger you will need to listen carefully for any noises and footsteps coming from the other rooms. It's not always possible to run away, especially if you get yourself into a corner.

This game features great stylized visuals that are not very demanding, but reflect the shows atmosphere very well. If you're a fan of the franchise or if you like survival horror games in general, play Courage's Curse online or download it from the developer's website.

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