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Imagine that you are in the open space, in your own spaceship. You are surrounded by the enemies that are waiting for your death. That is the idea of the game There are beautiful graphics, well-thought system of pumping up the skills, well-thought tactics and strategy of the battle, various bonuses that improve various properties of your spaceship. It is only a small part of the factors that will make you to enjoy the game for many hours. At the beginning of the match, you may choose the type of your ship. It may be a well-balanced ship, or some extreme variants, for example, the sniper or the destroyer.

Choose the ship according to your style and use 100% of its advantages. In the upper left corner there is a data about the scale of health, the energy and the time of your cannons’ recharge. This data is different for different types of ships, so it is very important to choose the right type of the ship. Have you chosen the ship? Then welcome to the battle! WE will meet in the Universe of


The control is carried out by the mouse. The movements are carried out by means of the mouse. To shoot, click the left button of the mouse.