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Amazingly fun and simple, yet challenging gaming mechanics are now at your fingertips. Your goal is to capture the whole map piece by piece. You can achieve that by utilizing some of your abilities, slowly asserting your dominance over the area. Conquer new territories by drawing a line with your movement around them. Be wary of other players: sometimes if you try to get a big chunk of territory in one move, your opponents will take the opportunity to cross the trail behind you. That will mean immediate defeat. On the bright side, you can do the same thing to your absent-minded enemies: if you cross their trail, they will lose all the territories they captured and will have to start all over again. This new version of the game is developed specifically for smartphones and includes some new bonuses that you can activate before the match begins. For that you will need to spend points that you got for previous game sessions. These special bonuses can be a big help on your way to victory, so don’t forget to use them as often as possible. It would be such a shame to lose everything being just a second away from conquering a vast area of the map, wouldn’t it? Well, with your trusty speed bonus you don’t have to worry about it at all! Have fun playing, develop new interesting strategies, improve your reaction time and you will always be victorious!