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Chasm is a new platforming adventure game heavily inspired by some of the classic titles of the genre like Castlevania. The team behind this game wanted to create something truly special that would cater to both the fans of old school 8-bit platformers and to the new audiences who haven't had a chance to become familiar with such games yet.

The story takes place in a fantasy kingdom where one of the most important mines has been shutdown. The protagonist wants to find out what the problem is, but as it turns out, there's much bigger trouble in the nearby settlements: rumors of people disappearing are troubling the folk and it's up to our hero to uncover the truth and save the kingdom from danger.

In this game the players will need to sharpen their platfroming skills to get to the hard to reach corners of the dungeon, as well as fighting and reflexes which they are going to need in multiple encounters with dangerous creatures lurking in the dark and difficult bosses guarding the most precious trophies.

If you like 8-bit graphics and retro game design with the focus on skill rather than leveling up and upgrading, play Chasm online and remember the joy you used to experience while playing its predecessors.